Monday Morning Wake-Up Call!

30 04 2012

Rise & Shine!

A couple of updates that came to me last night (I was excited enough to share them that I woke up a few times in the middle of the night to write them down):

  • I’m going to keep doing the Playlist of The Day.  I think it’s a great idea in helping you guys build your own and even send me some suggestions in return.  However, I’m going to just archive them under the “Playlist of The Day” link under the “Fun Stuff” tab.  Saves you from the extra drag-down menus.  In fact…I’m going to do this for a lot of the new stuff I’ll be rolling out (you’ll have to wait and see what it is, though…gotta keep you coming back for more, right?)
  • I’m going to share what current routines and diets I’m up to.  It may not be in concert with what you want to do (whether it be weight loss or muscle gains), but I think it’s important to not only impart any wisdom or insight on to you, the reader, but to also make this thing more of a relational experience where everyone grows, including me.

I know I said it on my personal Twitter account this morning (I’ll be starting one specifically for this blog shortly), but I’m already blown away by the reception of this blog after less than 48 hours of going live.  Keep coming back and share with your friends, whether it be on your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook accounts.  It’s important for everyone to have the same access if they want it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some content to get ready to roll out (well…that and my real job of recording voiceovers).  Have a great day!   You either get better or get worse; there’s no sticking in neutral!  Which way are you going to go?




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