Mid-Tuesday Updates!

1 05 2012

Everyone’s gotta be getting into a groove at work…I figure why not give you a little break? 🙂

Well if you follow me on Facebook or on Twitter, you’ll notice I’ve written up a new article on my go-to rules for grocery shopping, which can be found in the “Articles” section of the “Diet” tab (or here, if you wanna be a little lazy).  Who knows?  Maybe you save a few bucks.  If not, these are worthy investments in yourself, since you’ll get a great return on investment in the form of good nutrition and a healthier lifestyle!

Also a new playlist is up!

Tonight, be prepared for a supplement review of a pre-workout formula I swear by (which I’m keeping a secret so you have to come back…).  Stay tuned for that one.

As always, feel free to comment or share anything you want.  This is not about me; this is about EVERYONE wanting to be their best!





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