Hump Day Night Update!

2 05 2012

Happy Thursday Eve!

Today’s been CRAZY busy for me.  Between the move of offices at the day job, tearing down the recording studio in the old office and prepping the new booth and talking with Human Resources…well let’s just say on a vocational level, I’m drained!  It’s days like today I’m glad I work out in the morning: leaves me no excuses on the drive home!

That’s just one of the things that didn’t make the cut for my “Commandments for Working Out” article.  It’s a great read for everyone who needs the basics.  Even I have to remind myself of these from time to time (and I’ve been doing this for the better part of a decade).

I hope you all appreciate the playlist today.  For those of you wondering what Bell Biv Devoe is doing on there, I give you the reason below…

Also, I think I’ve really nailed my thoughts on fat burners in this article.  Plus, it’s the first time I got to show the “nerdy” part of the “Nerdy Gym Rat” moniker I’ve picked up.

One more note:  If you saw on Twitter, I’ve made a bit of a covenant with my readers.  If I can get to 100 followers/likes on both Twitter & Facebook, I will shell out the cash to buy the domain name so it’s no longer a “”  I want to make sure I have all of your attentions!  I want this to be interactive and I have a million ideas I want to roll out (Twitter chats, vlogs, interviews), but if no one’s reading/commenting/retweeting/sharing, it’s sort of like putting lipstick on a pig.  Let’s get it rolling, people!  Tell everyone!
We’ve reached the halfway point of our work week, folks!  It’s all downhill from here, but don’t let that stop you from reaching your goals!  Finish strong!




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