Friday Eve Updates

3 05 2012

Weird nerdy issues going on around here:  Wordpress isn’t playing nice with my Chrome extensions and it seems as though my “indestructible” Monster surge protector has…well…been destroyed.  Looks like I’ll have to rough it…

Speaking of roughing it (you have GOT to love a good segue), today I put up a review on an e-book titled, “The Paleo Diet For The 21st Century,” written by Douglas Robb over at Health Habits, a blog I highly respect.  I think it jives with what I believe is proper nutrition, since it focuses on nonprocessed foods being a part of the every day diet.  To put it bluntly; eating processed foods is a lot like putting low-grade gasoline in a luxury sports car.  It’s going to give you poor results and ultimately hurt you in the end.  Give it a read and leave your comments!

Also, I know I put up a link to my Spotify playlist for today.  If anyone had trouble getting to it, let me know and we’ll go back to the old-school way of me listing the songs….or just listen below!  Surprise!

That’s it for now.  Remember, don’t think of tomorrow as the end of the week.  You should be sprinting to the finish line, not walking it out!




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