“Nerdy Gym Rat” Nominated for Liebster Award!

5 05 2012

Good afternoon, everyone!

Well while I was out to lunch today (having THE best fish tacos I’ve had in the longest time…it is Cinco De Mayo, after all),  I got an e-mail from a fellow blogger letting me know I was a nominee for the “Liebster Award” (Liebster being German for “favorite”).  I was nominated by the wonderful nerd-turned-cancer survivor/blogger from “Cooking Up The Cure,” a blog that deals with nutritional ways to prevent cancer.  For that, I couldn’t be more thankful 🙂

Now as part of this nomination, I had to select five other blogs (with less than 200 followers) that I deemed worthy for this award (call it a fancy way to do link sharing among those who need/want it).  After searching and searching, here’s who I’d like to nominate:

  • Health Demystified” – This blog, written by Pharm Candidate, Eric Wang, deals with the same overall goal as the rest of the nominees, but on a more pharmaceutical level.  He, like all of us, are advocates for a healthy lifestyle.  I actually have a meeting with him later this week to discuss a collaboration for both of our blogs, so stay tuned!
  • The Mind-Muscle Connection” – Written by Michigan native (who happens to have done his undergrad work right down the road from me at Stetson University), Matthew Sherman, his blog discusses the idea of a healthy lifestyle and what he has found in Eastern cultures (as he’s currently residing in Austria, teaching of all things).  As a fellow weight lifter, he’s almost like the Nerdy Gym Rat annex of Austria!
  • “iLoveLearning” – One of my favorites, this blog and my own both share in the never-ending quest for knowledge, regardless of topic.  I always love checking up and seeing what new stuff she has up.
  • “Amateur Healthy Girl” – Written by Ashley, a student whose efforts go towards the goal of long-distance running.  She just wrote up a piece on her “I don’t feel like running” routine, which I can totally dig.  She gets that it’s a journey and while there MAY be a finish line in a literal sense, there isn’t one in the metaphorical.  Her Twitter is also a fun read!
  • “elisariva” – A late bloomer in terms of challenging herself physically (as a marathon runner), Elisa shares with the blogosphere her progress, which takes some stones.  It goes to show you that a blog can not only be just an place of information, but also a way to hold yourself accountable for the goals you set for yourself.

Now, another part of my nomination is to share five random things about myself, so here it goes…

  1. I’m currently in the June 2012 issue of “Men’s Fitness” Magazine (which, isn’t all that random, but felt like sharing, since I saw the issue at Publix today while I was grocery shopping).
  2. I like to spend my “rest day” with my black lab, Layla (yes, after the song), either taking her to a dogpark nearby or by taking her on runs.  She’s currently up to a mile before giving me the “ok I’ve had enough, dad” look!
  3. I met my best friend, Shawn, as a random roommate at the University of Central Florida back in 2004.  Goes to show you that the random roommate process CAN work sometimes, as I was the best man at his wedding a couple years ago (and was able to NOT offend anyone with my speech).
  4. I have a weakness for vintage vinyl albums.  Currently, I’m the proud owner of records from everyone from The Beach Boys to Nas.
  5. If I’m ever going to have a cheat meal, it HAS to be at one of the Orlando-based food trucks.  My favorite of the bunch is Big Wheel Provisions.  They have a locally-harvested seafood po’boy I tried once at a food truck pod and I haven’t been the same since!



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