Playlist of The Day (5/5/12)

5 05 2012

Good Morning!

After a good night’s sleep (and an even better morning’s breakfast – I’ll get to my usual daily intake a little bit later), I’m getting pumped to head over the CrossFit Orlando for a 9:00 session.  I’ve always done the body weight WODs, but never an actual session.  As I’ve mentioned before in my “Cinco de Mayo Survival Guide,” I hate static cardio on a treadmill.  It’s right up there with the mere THOUGHT of a colonoscopy on the list of things I find enjoyable.

With CrossFit, I’m hoping to mix it up, get that muscular endurance and keep my body’s metabolism burning at a crazy rate.  I’ll let you all know how it went down a little bit later today!

Since I can’t exactly wear headphones for this kind of workout, I did put my mix onto my iPod to plug into my car on the way over the facility.  THIS is what is going to put me over the top for my last workout of the week (I believe in the one day of rest…we’ll talk about that tomorrow):




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