Pre-Cinco de Mayo Notes

5 05 2012

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Cinco de Mayo!  I plan on enjoying it with some great friends at a pub crawl through Downtown Orlando.  I plan on following my rules, since I practice what I preach (that and I KNOW there will be cops all over the roads).

Today was my first REAL attempt at CrossFit.  I took part of an introduction class at CrossFit Orlando (which happens to be right down the street from my office) and I learned a ton.  I can really respect the reasoning behind selecting it as a form of fitness, since it focuses on functional movement, as opposed to the mentality of “I lift heavy things and put them down.”  I can definitely see myself incorporating it into my weekly routine as a way to stay functionally fit!  I will be going back in two weeks (since next weekend I’ll be in Fort Lauderdale for Mother’s Day).

As my cheat meal this week (something I completely recommend), I got some amazing fish tacos at Tijuana Flats.  Best 400 calories I’ve spent (I opted to forego the vinagrette dressing).


There was one thing I noticed while I was there, though, that I found mildly disturbing.  While it was cool that there were things for kids to enjoy outside today (as part of the Cinco de Mayo festivities), I found that most of the kids were much happier munching away mindlessly at chips and queso and staring at the TV sets in the restaurant.  To make matters worse, it wasn’t as if the parents were doing anything about it.  In fact, as I was ordering, one woman (who happened to be severely overweight) felt the need to add bottomless chips and queso to her order for her and her two children, who couldn’t have been much older than four or five.

It just goes to show you that health and fitness, while it’s getting better in our country with the help of some documentaries like “Super Size Me,” is far from being second nature in our every day lives.  I just hope blogs like this one can spread the word to others.  As I’ve said from the beginning, we’re all in this together and I’m not writing just to thump my own chest or get up on a soapbox to say my way is right and yours is wrong.

Well that’s my rant/rave for the evening.  Thanks to everyone who reads, as always.  I have a special treat in store for you guys tomorrow…but for today, I’ll leave you with this:

Yeah that’s right; me and Captain America at Publix haha

Everyone be safe tonight!





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