First Week Recap

6 05 2012

Goooood Morning, Folks!

I hope everyone had a great Cinco de Mayo (and hopefully followed my rules to survival a little bit).  If you didn’t follow them word-for-word, don’t beat yourself up over it.  We are all entitled to have fun and indulge every once in a while.  It just means you’re going to work that much harder to make up for it during the week 🙂  I know my chest/triceps/calves day tomorrow will be a killer thanks to Phase 1, Week 4 of Jim Stoppani’s “12 Week Shortcut to Size.”  We’re going to 4-6 reps, so that means MUCH heavier weights for me.

Had to have a sombrero! Photo credit has to go to my friend, Kerry (having her next to me ups the good looking factor of the picture, no?)

I just wanted to say how floored I’ve been by the reception of this blog in it’s first week.  It’s already received 800 views, which isn’t bad considering I didn’t come up with the idea until I had one of those “lightbulb over the head” moments on a Saturday morning in Fort Lauderdale.  A couple pieces of content later and here we are!  I can’t wait for the things to come (which I’m keeping secret, of course) and I love the comments and messages you guys are leaving me.  I especially appreciate the little notes from friends of mine via text or e-mail.  I’m glad to know I’m making a tiny dent and it’s a great feeling.

Something I’m going to try and do is leave these recaps every week (some weeks will be easier than others, depending on travel plans) of the things we’ve learned.  This week:

  1. We learned who I am (and why the heck I even STARTED this blog)
  2. Got some good reviews on some great products for your workout routine
  3. Learned that overexercising is most DEFINITELY possible
  4. My take on the word “diet” (dirty secret? I don’t like it!)
  5. How to assemble a shopping list
  6. The basics of a workout, from stretching to having a plan
  7. How 21st century adaptations to the Paleo Diet are a great way to think about your diet
  8. Our first recipe: the Spicy Salmon (something I actually made for my dinners this week)

Not bad for a first week, huh?  I know it’s a ton to process, but it pales in comparison to the tips and photos I’m leaving on my Facebook and Twitter pages, so I suggest following both!  Healthy choices and exercise are things anyone can get behind, whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds or even build up some muscle!  I suggest sharing this with the ones you love who happen to be into social media.  I also started a Pinterest, Instagram (obviously TheNerdyGymRat if you’re searching on your phone) and Foursquare account, so feel free to follow me there as well.  The more bonus content, the more fun this’ll be for everyone!

If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve put out there, I’m sure they’d love the help too (sidebar:  while I was out last night, I had friends ask me how I got down to the 5.2% body fat I’m currently at.  My response? “Read my blog, follow me on Twitter, like the fan page on Facebook.”)

Enjoy the rest of your day.  There will be one more update today, which will be my special treat I promised in yesterday’s post.  I’ll be taking in my rest day with a deep tissue massage (masculine or not, you need to get a massage from time to time to prevent injury and knots) and some Miami Heat domination!  I was born & raised in South Florida, so that’s my team first and foremost.  I still remember the Glen Rice/Jamal Mashburn/Alonzo Mourning years, so I’m not one of those fans who showed up when LeBron & Chris(tina) Bosh joined the team (my dad and sister happened to think he plays like a girl).  I can’t wait to see them win the whole thing this year 🙂





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