Shifting Back To Neutral

6 05 2012

Now that the Miami Heat game is over (the only team that can never win…either it’s “LeBron choked” or “LeBron didn’t get the ball!”),  I’m mentally in a good place to write a quick post for tonight…

I wanted to go into why I love & encourage the rest day.  Personally, it allows me to relax, while also being super productive.  I was able to cook my meals for the week, portion them out and do laundry, all while posting & tweeting!  I do this all on one day because my weeks are hectic.  Between working out, my day job of being an Audio Engineer and this new venture, I have a 80-90 hour a week job now.

Mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-day snack all ready to go!

Like the title of my favorite book from a User-Centered Design class back at UCF, “Don’t Make Me Think” about the stuff that I consider time wasters.  When you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail (example:  if you don’t plan/portion your meals, you’re more likely to indulge in a fast food alternative or frantically make something without a second’s thought of what it is you’re putting in your body).

Not only does it give you a mental rest, the rest day also gives your body a chance to shift back to neutral (yes, we have now come full-circle with the post title).  As I’ve mentioned before, the only time your muscles are able to repair from the damage you do to them in your workout is when you rest.  Sleeping eight hours a night is a great start, but a full 24 hours of active rest (I took my dog, Layla, on a walk at the dog park) allows the body to recover while also not being in a sedentary state.

Truth be told, I love it!  To be able to say I’ve worked out, walked the dog, gotten some writing in ALL before most of my friends & family hit the snooze button is a great feeling.  Aesthetically, the proof is in the pudding (as you can see from previous posts).

Anyways, that’s my soapbox speech for the night.  Get ready for another week of intensity from me, The Nerdy Gym Rat!  This video is all the motivation I need to get revved up for the morning.  How do you guys start YOUR Mondays?




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7 05 2012

Thanks for stopping by my blog 😀 – yup – step by step! And I will try not to feel pressured 😉 😀

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