Playlist of The Day (5/7/12)

7 05 2012

And so begins Week 2 of The Nerdy Gym Rat!

As it just so happens, it also was the beginning of Week 4 (Phase 1) of Jim Stoppani’s “Shortcut to Size” for me, as well.  My chest/triceps/calves day was pretty intense, as it called for 3 to 5 reps per set (6 to 9 for the calves portion).  I will say this, though; it…is…working!  Without the need for a spotter, I was able to pump out four reps of 225 lbs. on my bench press for the first time!  I now have the NFL Combine numbers of a punter or kicker! =P  It made my post-workout shake of organic soy milk & ON’s 100% Gold Whey taste that much sweeter!

Pretty much the scene at 5:00 AM at any gym…just the way I like it!

Since I’m a member at Planet Fitness, what makes this achievement even MORE impressive is that I was able to lift with such intensity and high weight and NOT set of their “Lunk Alarm.”  I think it can sense that I’m not a musclehead with no neck and I’m there to get fit and stay ripped.  It’s a little 1984 for my taste, but cest la vie!

Because of the intensity of the workout, the playlist had to match it up.  It most definitely did the trick, even though I put a lot more rap in there than I’m used to (good staples are Jay-Z, Kanye West & Beastie Boys – RIP Adam Yauch, by the way).  Here’s what was keeping me going this morning (aside from a tremendous breakfast and some MusclePharm Assault):

And as always, I’ll throw the playlist link up there a couple times today on Twitter. Welcome to all my new followers! Sorry you have to go through the validation process, but I want to make sure that I’m getting REAL people who want REAL advice, as opposed to bots or porn links. I hope you enjoy the tweets and share them with others.  It’s about information sharing with this site, so however it gets out there (either links on Twitter or Facebook) is OK by me!

Start your morning out the right way. If you start the day focused, getting through the rest will be a walk in the park!

Jonathan, The Nerdy Gym Rat




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