My Definition of “Nerdy”

9 05 2012

Let me step out of my comfort zone for just a second…

While I was in a pseudo-skype chat (and by that, my microphone was fried so there were a lot of stares and typing sounds) with Eric Wang at “Health Demystified,” talking about some ideas for helping our sites out, he posed a very VERY good question to me that left me in a bit of a deer-in-the-headlights state:

“I hate to ask this…but what makes your site different from <name of site here, as to not give them free press>?”

Not even knowing the site existed, I took a quick peek and all I could say in my head was W…T…F!  This guy’s story is almost EXACTLY the same as mine!  The only differences were that he was a skinny stringbean who made the change and started writing about it three years before I did.  To be perfectly honest, I had a split second feeling of defeat, followed by a few moments of “I’m gonna blow his site out of the water!” swagger, followed by the feeling of knowing I’d have to actually think about this one…

Then it sort of came to me in the middle of the night.  A revelation, if you will.  When I went back to his site, his content, while very extensive and of high quality, was geared at the stereotypical nerd.  This meant a ton of references to gaming and not much else to make parallels to.  It made me think about what it means to really be a nerd.  I looked it up in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary at work and this is what popped out:

“One slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.”

That is such a broad definition that, if not for the fact that YouTube has tightened the copyright infringements on film content, I’d have a great speech from the end of “Revenge of The Nerds” linked RIGHT HERE:

Sorry; Couldn’t find any Omega Mus….

Essentially, what it would have conveyed is that all of us are nerds in one way or another.  For some of us, quoting Monty Python skits makes us a nerd.  For others, it’s figuring out Randy Johnson’s WHIP from the years he pitched for the Seattle Mariners.  Maybe you wear Iron Maiden t-shirts and pretend all other genres of music created after 1986 don’t exist (or as I like to call it, Jonathan, circa-2004).

If you have a devotion to learning or discovering something, you are for all intents and purposes, a nerd!

It’s that devotion and desire to learning how to live a healthy life that brings us all together as a community, which is what it’s all about!  We can be a nerd in so many different ways, but as long as you have the desire to learn how to get fit, YOU are my demographic.  YOU are who I’m hoping to help with this site, the Facebook updates,the tweets and any other places I share content (this is where you click and go to Pinterest or follow me on Instagram – TheNerdyGymRat)!

I’m not going to pander to just gamers or kids who played “Magic: The Gathering” growing up.  They’re great groups of people (I’ve been known to get my butt kicked in Madden on XBox Live), but why pigeonhole them?

So this is my promise to each of my newly minted “GymGeeks” (you’ll see that hashtag quite a bit from here on in):  I will continue to share and research fantastic content for you as long as you want to share and learn from it!

Viva Las GymGeeks!

(And with that, I have completed my quota for awful Spanglish today.  Have a good night, everyone!)





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