Playlist of The Day (5/10/12)

10 05 2012

Good Morning/Afternoon (for all you readers at lunch), GymGeeks!

Today, my shoulders & traps feel PHENOMENAL…but they won’t in the morning!  Soreness will surely come (new highs in barbell shrugs & lat raises).  Remember to use your supplements after your workout to do damage control in that department.  I recommend L-Glutamine, as it’s been shown to not only repair muscle, but to also reduce inflammation.  Pop two pills before and another two after your workout.  Your body will thank you for it.

I went a little old-school garage rock & indie rock with the new additions to the playlist.  You have to shuffle things up, just like your workouts.  If you hear the same stuff over and over, you’re going to pick up cues when to get into the zone and when you can rest.  Your brain is a big-ass muscle and like all other muscles, it needs confusion for overall growth!

What are you guys listening to today?  Share tunes with me and you’ll get credit in the next posting!




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