Potential Ideas for NerdyGymRat.com

11 05 2012

Today feels like the kind of day where crowd participation is encouraged…

Normally on a Friday, I would be writing up (curating, for now) about a recipe or talking about how to navigate through a nutritional pitfall of a holiday (I realize Mother’s Day is Sunday, but she’ll probably want a light brunch so you’re solid).  Since I’ve already done the first and the second is pretty simple…

I’d like to open up the floor to my GymGeeks as to what type of content you guys are loving or would like to see here!  I know you all loved the Gym Pet Peeves, so that is MOST DEFINITELY sticking around.  I’ve gotten some great ones via Twitter (even text messages from friends).  This is a collaborative effort, as healthy living SHOULD be.  We may have different goals within that lifestyle (be it bodybuilding, fitness modeling or even just losing weight), but as a collective, it should be every person helping another.

So as a community, let’s make this movement count!  How do we make this happen?

The floor is officially open…




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