Saturday Morning Revelation!

12 05 2012

Great Scott! I’ve got it!!!

Almost as good an idea as the Flux Capacitor…

While it didn’t take me hitting my head on the porcelain of my toilet (a-la Doctor Emmett Brown),  I did come up with a great idea .  Like some sort of “Inception,”  (ok ok two movie references are enough!) the seeds were planted while sifting through my e-mail last night after a long drive to Fort Lauderdale.  An old trainer of mine, Ken Bowman (here on Facebook) sent me an e-mail asking if he could use me as an example of a client he’s helped.  Of course I was happy to help out!

But it wasn’t until this morning that it hit me…as nerdy as I am and no matter how much research I do, I’m not REALLY a trained professional.  I figure…until I get my PT license, anyway…why not interview ACTUAL personal trainers for their tips and how they got to where they are now?  I think it’ll save you from my diatribes at least once a week and is a great way for everyone involved to get social media exposure.

Now, off to do a little cardio!  I’ve got a “Beach Day” with my mom tomorrow for my rest day, so I’m going to make this count!

If you guys have any trainers you think I should pitch this idea to, send me an e-mail over at or leave comments!




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