Welcome to “Friday Eve Fit Tips!”

17 05 2012

Ah yes, another “Letter from the Editor” moment…

Since I like to consider Thursdays as “Friday Eve,” this seems like an appropriate day to share tips on health and fitness!  It also gives me a chance of throwing a ton of good material on to Twitter and Facebook.

Now, this doesn’t mean you get zero content HERE at NerdyGymRat.com.  What “Friday Eve Fit Tips” does is allow me to make today a “wild card” of sorts with what I can write about.  Today’s going to be a “Gym Pet Peeve” kind of day, since I ran into a really good one this morning on my shoulder/traps/calves day of Jim Stoppani’s “Shortcut to Size.”  Here’s a hint: it’s “that guy” who does something I normally love, but in such an awful way…

While I leave you to ponder what pet peeve I’m talking about, I’ll just remind readers that they can find some “exclusive” content on Instagram (TheNerdyGymRat) and on Pinterest  The more places you follow, the more information you can get to help you on YOUR journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Have a great day and remember:  it’s about how you FINISH the week that matters most!




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