Gym Pet Peeves (5/25/12)

25 05 2012

Sorry for the delay, GymGeeks!  Yesterday was total insanity at the day job and didn’t have time to write this bad boy up.  Better late than never!

The Re-Racking Renegade

This is how it SHOULD look in a gym…

This one is a headscratcher to me.  It’s a simple concept: you take weights off of the rack, you use them, and you put them back where you found them.  This is something we learned as kids with toys; you play with them and put them back! 

Now there are two types of people who fall under this title:

  1. The ones who leave plates on barbells and
  2. The ones who get “creative” with their placement

The first “renegade” can sometimes be helpful.  I have, from time to time, been quite appreciative of not having to put on stacks of weight before a bench press, especially when the person before me was using the same amount of weight.  However, the later of the two is what is more of a pet peeve to me.  You get the sense that they were the kid in Kindergarten who couldn’t put the square block in the square hole and got accidentally named “gifted” because they were a “free spirit.”

On what planet does placing a 5 lbs. weight where a 45 lbs. plate should be make sense?? Most gyms label where to put the weights based on their size, to avoid this type of confusion, so I can only assume it’s pure stupidity that is the root of this issue.  Until my sterilization gun gets the proper patents, all I can do is pull off the 45 pounders to get to that five pounder…and then throw it at the moron…

As always, Gym Pet Peeves are always welcome over at Twitter.  Just use the hashtag #GymPetPeeves and I’ll definitely get it!




2 responses

25 05 2012

haha this is so true!!

26 05 2012
Ken Bowman

Those guys are in every gym. They’re either morons or lazy assholes who put the dumbbells or weights at the closest spot, rather than walk a few feet to return them to their right place. Of course many don’t even do that. They must think their mommies are going to put the weights away for them.

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