Fat Burners

Admiral Ackbar Knows All!

When people ask me about fat burners (i.e. Hydroxycut or thermogenics in general), I am of the belief that if you want to go that route, take the $25 you’d spend on a bottle and set it on fire.  You’d get the same results, minus the caffeine crash.

Mhm and I'm George Clooney

Talking from personal experience, I used Hydroxycut early on in my journey (roughly around the time I was 20).  The only thing I got was a rapid heartbeat at 2:00 in the morning  and sweats.  This is because most thermogenics and fat burners are filler and caffeine that speed up your blood flow, not necessarily your metabolism.

If you want to speed up your metabolism, there are COUNTLESS other ways of doing so, including regular exercise and proper diet.

This isn’t to say there aren’t natural products out there that can help the body burn fat (we’ll be discussing this later), but the idea of a little pill that solves everything is a load of crap.

Among the NATURAL supplements I’d recommend include:

  • Green Tea Extract (or just drink the darn stuff)
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), found in red meat and dairy products
  • L-Carnitine
  • Whey Protein Powders
  • Pyruvate Extract

As I said, we’ll be getting into more detail with each as I roll out things for dieting.  For now, just know that you can save your money and put it towards some good healthy food or a month’s membership at a gym.

Has anyone tried using thermogenics or fat burners?  I’d like to know your experiences with it (and as you can see, I’m more than happy to reply and respond to every comment).

3 responses

7 05 2012

fat burners? yeah Ive tried one the “Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate” my brother used it and base on his physical appearance its effective though.
Its a delicious instant tea with the antioxidant and thermogenic benefits of green tea and fast-acting botanicals for energy and weight-management support.

Ive tried it way back then when I was doing my loose weight program but didn’t succeed bec. lack of exercise and I really love eating.. haha

7 05 2012

Haha well you NEED to get that exercise in! While green tea and CLA are great to boost metabolism, think of exercise as kicking it up to the tenth power!

7 05 2012

yeah I will.. Iv’e just noticed that guys loose weigh so fast than girls I dont know that my point of view, my brother loosed weight easily and Im kinda jealous . haha

I really need to go back to my old me 😦 Your Blog is really interesting it challanges me. I know I can do it too. haha 🙂


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