MusclePharm Assault Matrix

If you’re an early morning gym rat like I am, sometimes two cups of coffee just won’t cut it.  You need something to really get the energy levels up so you don’t waste your time in the gym.

In my talks with fitness model, Obi Obadike, during the months prior to my “Men’s Fitness” shoot, I found out that he was sponsored by MusclePharm.  I always knew that they existed, but had never really tried any of their products.  Up to that point, the only pre-workout powder I had used was Jack3d.  Trusting his advice (even if it wasn’t on supplementation, per se), I took a leap of faith and bought a tub of their pre-workout powder, Assault.

In one word: AMAZING

The recommended serving size is half a scoop.  At first, I definitely asked myself, “…why only half a scoop?”  Once I mixed it with 8 oz. of water (blended well with my shaker almost instantly) and went through my leg workout, I could see why.  I felt an unbelievable rush of energy as if I could squat thousands of pounds without any effort.  For extreme lifters, a full scoop is recommended, but for those just starting out, I suggest the half scoop until you know how your body reacts to it.

As effective as it was, I had to look at the ingredients.  Most pre-workout formulas are basically filler & caffeine.  With Jack3d, I initially felt great during the early workouts, but the effect wore off, since my body had adapted to the caffeine intake.  With Assault, there is NO CAFFEINE.  The energy comes from more natural sources like B vitamins, tea and root matrices.  To top it all off, it had BCAAs, L-Glutamine and Creatine; three things you rarely see in a pre-workout.  As building blocks of muscle, it’s almost dumb NOT to look into this stuff.

The flavors are very good.  To this point, I have tried Blue Arctic Raspberry and Fruit Punch.  Both had a sports drink taste, with no bitterness.  Within thirty minutes, you are ready to get some work done!

Now, as this is a high quality product, you should expect a higher price tag ($34.99 for 32 servings on  But for all it does (and believe me, it does it well), it’s worth the investment.

You can follow MusclePharm on Twitter (@MusclePharm), as well as their president, Cory Gregory (@MusclepharmPres)

Try it out and let them know what you think about it!

(Also, if you wanna let ME know what you think about it, there is a comment section below)


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