Ginger: The Fat Incinerator!

15 05 2012

And you probably thought I was going to talk about the chili powder in the Chicken Stir Fry recipe

A study was recently done at Columbia University, in which ten men consumed 2g of ginger powder dissolved in hot water with their breakfast.  The study showed that the men who consumed the powder had lower levels of hunger, lower amounts of food consumption and higher levels of fullness versus those who did not consume the 2g of ginger powder.

The study also showed a natural thermogenesis in the body, which means it could be linked to weight management.  Translation: it is a natural thermogenic and not some pill chock full of caffeine and other random junk that’s not FDA-approved!

Aside from the stir fry from this week’s recipe, you can also use ginger with sushi (or sashimi, if you’re going low carb), in curry or really any sort of meal that you want to add a little extra spice to.  I suggest buying it in root form and dicing or grating it up yourself, as opposed to in powder form.

Between ginger and the capsaicin found in chili powder and hot peppers, your metabolism will be through the roof.  If you’re looking for a little help losing weight, these aren’t bad (natural) ways of helping, so pile it on!

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