Playlist of The Day (5/5/12)

11 05 2012

Happy Friday, GymGeeks!

Today is a big day for yours truly: Week 4 of Phase 1 in Jim Stoppani’s “Shortcut To Size” program is in the books!  There is nothing quite like squatting 300 lbs. four times, stopping for a 15 second count, THEN going for another three reps to burn out.  Only proves I’m ready for more in four weeks!

I’m really digging the concept, too!  By next week, you go BACK to 12-15 reps per set, but you’ll have physically (and mentally) prepared yourself for more weight.  As long as you’re following the diet plan (remember, 80% of fitness is the diet), you’ll definitely see gains.  I sure as hell have!  I’d show the results after four weeks, but I don’t want to be one of “those guys” who puts up camera phone pictures.  Looks cheesy to me.

Now, because of the intensity of the workout today, I stuck with the same leg playlist as last week.  A ton of nu-metal (hey, I was in middle school when this stuff was popular!) and a classic warm-up with AC/DC:

So what’s going into YOUR ears, this morning, GymGeeks?  Tweet, comment on Facebook or even leave a comment!  I’m always open to new music!


Playlist of The Day (5/5/12)

5 05 2012

Good Morning!

After a good night’s sleep (and an even better morning’s breakfast – I’ll get to my usual daily intake a little bit later), I’m getting pumped to head over the CrossFit Orlando for a 9:00 session.  I’ve always done the body weight WODs, but never an actual session.  As I’ve mentioned before in my “Cinco de Mayo Survival Guide,” I hate static cardio on a treadmill.  It’s right up there with the mere THOUGHT of a colonoscopy on the list of things I find enjoyable.

With CrossFit, I’m hoping to mix it up, get that muscular endurance and keep my body’s metabolism burning at a crazy rate.  I’ll let you all know how it went down a little bit later today!

Since I can’t exactly wear headphones for this kind of workout, I did put my mix onto my iPod to plug into my car on the way over the facility.  THIS is what is going to put me over the top for my last workout of the week (I believe in the one day of rest…we’ll talk about that tomorrow):

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