Your “Tasty Tuesday” Primer (6/5/12)

5 06 2012

Happy Tuesday, GymGeeks!

Thanks to everyone for bearing with me on the timing of posts.  This whole migrating to a format has been a total pain the ass from the start, but the hard work (and psychosis) will be worth it, since I will have more access to making this thing prettier and more user-friendly (including the option to post comments via your Facebook accounts).

Angry Jon

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

Despite the craziness of trying to get this done (on top of the day job of voicing scripts for the college AND dealing with the cable company over a bad internet connection), I’ve yet to fall into the trap of eating due to stress.  That’s what I wanted to touch on today in the primer…see?  I find a way to make my rants make sense!

A lot of people fall into the pitfall of eating not because they’re hungry, but because life has them stressed out.  For a scientific reason that I can’t really explain without having a PhD, your brain produces the same responses for chemical reactions due to both stress and hunger.  You, on the other hand, have the capability of telling what the difference is.

So when you find yourself in times of trouble (MusicGymGeek Problems), walk away from whatever’s stressing you out,  take a deep breath,  re-prioritize and get back in there.  You’ll save yourself unnecessary calories and gain a little bit more sanity.  Besides, it’s been proven that stress hormones do lead to less efficient metabolism.  Translation:  stressing out enough can help pack on the pounds.

That’s my rant for today.  Be on the lookout for a recipe (I’m keeping it a surprise, but I’ll leave hints on Twitter to get you guys following), but most of my day will be focused on making this site amazing for you guys.  You’ve proven that this is a worthwhile venture with all the new follows, view of my interview on YouTube and pictures on Flickr and I won’t let you down!


Welcome to “Serenity Sunday”

20 05 2012

Yes, for the first time this week, I’m not ending a headline with an exclamation…

I, for one, had a long-ass week.  Between the gym, the office and this blog, I can only think of one image on a Sunday:

So, in honor of Mr. Frank Costanza, I declare Sundays “Serenity Sunday” here at  On these days,  I’m going to get more personal with you guys and my progress with my fitness goals.  One thing I’m debating, as I type, is what my next challenge is going to be.  On one hand, I had a blast doing the “Men’s Fitness” shoot.  It definitely got me thinking about the idea of fitness modeling.  On the other, I want to win an intense obstacle course competition a-la Tough Mudder or the Warrior Dash.  One that I’m considering is the “Men’s Fitness” Ultimate Athlete competition in September.  I’ll make a pros & cons list later.

Another thing I want to do on “Serenity Sunday” is give a recap of what’s been posted during the week.  I understand the way this thing is layed out makes it laborious for new GymGeeks to play catch-up.  Only the highlights; no filler!

So I’ll leave you guys today with a question; how do you spend your “Serenity Sundays?”  Do you cook for the week, or are you more about laying by the pool?  Whatever it is, I hope it helps you recharge your mental batteries because, come tomorrow, “Motivation Monday” is BACK!


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